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Khensani never gave up on her dream to inspire others


Tells us more about your background

My name is Khensani Lydia Shibambo. I am 22 years old and I grew up in Mokopane, in Limpopo. As a young girl, I was always interested in becoming a Social Worker, but due to certain circumstances, I took a different route and enrolled in the field of HR (Human Resource Management). Because I’ve always been interested in being a ‘Social Worker’, I saw the best way to express myself would be through ‘writing’. The aim of ‘writing motivational pieces’ is to help and encourage others with facing and overcoming the challenges we often encounter in life.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in life?

They say: ‘obstacles are sometimes put in our way, as a test, to see if what we want is really worth fighting for’. For me, the obstacle I had to overcome was during the period when I was in high school, whereby I sometimes found myself criticised in many ways, It sometimes felt like a stumbling block that I had no way around, but during that period, I taught myself two important things: The most important thing is to ‘never give up’ but to ‘keep holding on.’ Nobody ever said the road would be easy. They just said it would all be worth it in the end. Indeed it was and it is still worth it. I sometimes view this as a ‘blessing in disguise’ because what I went through lead me to the point where I ended up writing my own book. The most important thing through all this, is to seek God in everything, because He said in Hebrews 13:5 that: ‘I will never you nor forsake you’. And through hope and faith, but most importantly through God’s strength, I managed to pull through.

What are you doing at the moment?

At the moment, I am busy studying HR at Rosebank College.

How did you start writing? How does writing help you?

Due to the challenges I had to face while I was in high school, I found the best way to console myself was through writing. Back then when I started writing, it was to help me feel better and to cope with the challenges that I’d come across, but as time went by, writing became a hobby and more like an everyday thing. It helps me to let go, cope and heal emotionally.

What made you decide to write a book?

I decided to write a book with the hope that it might be a motivation to people who also face obstacles and also to those who might go through what I went through back then. My motivation was based on the challenges we often encounter in our daily lives.

What is your book about?

We wake up every morning, wondering what the day holds for us. With the challenges we often encounter in our lives, we often wonder how we will get through the day. Motivational thoughts about life gives the key that unlocks hope and strength, and the power to get through the day. And the most secret weapon of all is to allow God to take the lead, and to let go and let Him do the rest!

Tells us about the process- was it hard?

No, it was not that hard, because most of the time, I wrote only in my spare time. It was a little bit hard when I started with the editing.

Did people support your dream to write a book? Who were your greatest supporters?

Yes, during this journey I had many who supported this dream and my greatest supports were:

My parents and my sister, Promise

My family - that being: My aunts and uncles, My sisters; brothers and cousins        

My teacher and friend, Mrs De Wet       

My lecturers: Miss Fezeka Motsogi and Mr Apiwe Nguge

My friends: Dipuo Zulu, Dipuo Jeremy Modiba, Gomolemo Tshabelle, Nonhlanhla Sibiya, Bella Makoea and some of my friends back home.

Now that the book has been published-how do you feel? Was it a rewarding process?

 I am filled with joy and happiness. It was rewarding indeed. Its true when they say ‘hard work pays’ and indeed it does.

How are people reacting to your book?

 Amusement! Many are amazed and happy, whereby some say they want a second edition. I do get a lot of positive feedback.

Who are you selling the book to? Where do you sell it?

To people back home and around where I live in Pretoria, my friends and neighbours.

What advice do you have for young people or anyone who want to write a book?

Never give up! Stay focused! Believe in yourself, believe in what you can become and become what you believe, but most importantly - reach for the stars!

What are your plans for the future?

For now, I have nothing planned, I just want to see how this book goes, maybe in a year’s time, I might consider writing another book!

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