Distribution with Kwarts Publishers

Sell your books and make a profit

For an independent author, the most profitable route is the direct sale of books. Many independent authors sell their books directly via a website or networks that they have access to. The advantage is that the profit earned does not have to be shared with a retailer or distribution agent.

However, many independent authors aspire for their books to be widely available at retail book stores across the country. There are independent book selling agencies who can assist the author with getting his or her book distributed to various book retailers, including retail chains such as Bargain Books and Exclusive Books, as well as independent book stores across South Africa. 

It will however depend on the market demand. Your book may be offered to stores by a representative of the selling agency, but the buyer for the store will decide if the book is a fit for their reading audience. If they believe it will sell in their store, they may place an order. 

Unfortunately orders and sales cannot be guaranteed. Also bear in mind that retail commission of up to 50% of the selling price applies as well as an agent’s fee. In most case the terms are ‘sale or return’.