Book Printing with Kwarts Publishers

Good quality printing can not be compromised on

Good quality printing is non-negotiable and at Kwarts we have very high standards in this regard. We pride ourselves in the excellent quality of our printed books and the fact that we are able to offer very competitive pricing. 

There are various options available with regards to the type of paper stock selected, use of colour, as well as types of binding and finishing of the printed product. We can also produce high quality colour printing for children’s book etc.

At Kwarts Publishers, we have the knowledge and experience to understand what would be the best choice of paper stock and finish depending on the type of publication, and will advise the author, always bearing in mind that the process must be cost-effective. 

We will provide a fully bound and finished printed proof for final approval and sign off by the author before books are printed.

The digital printing process works best for our authors as books can be supplied in small quantities ranging from 25 books to 500 books.

There is no obligation to order large quantities of books as part of the publication agreement. We encourage authors to order smaller quantities in order to test the market demand before ordering larger quantities of books.