Professional Book Layout with Kwarts Publishers

Professional page layout and typesetting makes all the difference

Interior layout and book formatting helps bring a manuscript to life. Readers pick up on a lot from the design choices made in books, whether they realize it or not.

When your book doesn’t quite look like the books they’ve become accustomed to reading all of their lives, it throws up a red flag and plays into the snap judgments they form before they’ve even read the first page.

Likewise, when your book is as beautiful and polished as any other book on a bookstore shelf, it gives your book credibility. This is what we mean when we say an independently published book should not look 'self-published'.

Page layout and type-setting of text is a specialized field and the right tools and expertise are required to ensure a professional end result. At Kwarts Publishers we use Adobe InDesign for page layout and type-setting. 

It is the professional standard for interior book formatting and our graphic designers are trained in this niche area of design.