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Book Personality of the week: Tiyani Nkuna



Meet Tiyani Nkuna. Since 2011, she has written various popular religious titles published by Kwarts. Tiyani launched her freshest titles, Prayer Strategy for Married Couples and Prayer Strategy for Singles during the last few weeks. Kwarts Publishers are proud to be associated with this talented woman and asked her to answer a few questions about her writing, passions and herself.


When and why did you start writing?


I started writing in 2011, after discovering my purpose and passion for encouraging others. I needed something that would serve as my voice to people that I couldn’t meet face to face.


Do you have a specific writing process? Tell us a little bit more about it.


I don’t have a writing process; I am forever researching things and noting down stuff. I have a folder called “Everyday Writing” where I put random thoughts. And these thoughts play a very big role when writing formally.


What would you say is your biggest challenge when writing a book?


The most challenging phase is ensuring that everything flows from the beginning to the end and that there are no contradictions.

Where do you do your most productive writing? Do you have a favourite place to write?


I do most of my writing in the early hours of the morning, around 3 am. Strange, I know, and most of my writing is done in my bedroom. But I note down thoughts as they come – on my phone or notebook – throughout the day.


Do you read a lot? What author(s) and book(s) would you say is your biggest inspiration?


Yes, I read a lot. I love Francine Rivers’ work. Her work inspires me a lot; she has a way of bringing faith to real life in a simple form. Of her books, I love Redeeming Love and Bridge to Haven the most. I also read a lot of books by Martin Manamela. He writes about relationships a lot. He wrote books like Are you Married or Buried, and Happily Never After.

Which one of your books is your favourite or has a special place in your heart? Why?

This is a hard one to answer, but I would say The Test of Her Right Time. It is my first storybook, and it carries a portion of my real-life story. The book has served as healing for things that happened in my life, and also hope for what I believe is coming.

What, to you, is the definition of a successful writer?

A successful writer is someone who can express themselves and capture their thoughts without any fear of being judged. It is someone who fights for their view no matter how others perceive it.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

A lot of aspiring writers ask a lot of questions in the beginning, and there is nothing wrong with that, but my advice would be: JUST WRITE! The biggest step in a writer’s life is to put your thoughts on paper – have something tangible, the rest will follow.

How important is the marketing of your books? Do they sell themselves or do you have to do a lot of marketing?

My books have been marketing themselves simply because Kwarts Publishers did the most appealing covers for me. But as an author, you still need to do a lot of marketing, especially through social media platforms and events. You need to know exactly what to say about your book in a minute so that you can easily answer anyone who might want to know about it.

Are you working on something new at the moment? Tell us a little bit more!

Yes, I am currently working on two books which will add to the Prayer Strategy series. I am working on Prayer Strategy for Married Couples, and all those in relationships, and also Prayer Strategy for Singles. I love prayer, and the Prayer Strategy series exposes people to the simplicity of daily communication with God. I am excited and eager to know how the two new books will be perceived.


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